What are high quality sunglasses made of?

So what makes up a quality pair of sunglasses? This can be analyzed from three aspects:

Lens material, Lens Function, and Frame Material.

  1. Lens Materialcan be made up of either Glass, Plastic, Polycarbonate, or High-Index Plastic.

Polycarbonate is currently the most commonly used material. Polycarbonate lenses have grown in popularity over time and remain the consumer’s choice. They are significantly lighter, making them the preferred material for children’s eyewear, safety glasses and sports eyewear.

  1. Lenses function

According to the prospective standards, general purpose cosmetic lenses must block 70% of UVB , general purpose lenses must block 95% of UVB/UVA, and special purpose lenses must block 99% of UVB light. To a large extent, the degree of quality control conducted by the sunglasses manufacturer also plays an important part in the functionality. Polarized lenses are also important for blocking glare, especially for activities such as driving, fishing, cycling, and other outdoor sports.

Different functions will determine the price of the lenses you purchase.

For the most comfortable, durable, and best-looking glasses, the following lens treatments should be considered essential: Anti-scratch coating, Anti-reflective coating, and a UV-Blocking treatment.

  1. The Frame Material.

The most commonly used materials are cellulose acetate, titanium alloy which has very high tensile strength, and is lightweight, TR90 which is strong, and very flexible, stainless steel alloy which is strong and has low toxicity, and bamboo and other wooden materials.

I personally prefer TR90 material or Titanium or Stainless Steel Alloy due to their durability. Bamboo and Wooden sunglasses are also stylish and eco-friendly.

Another pitfall to avoid is to understand that price is not always an accurate measure of quality in sunglasses. This is especially true with the unreasonable prices that luxury brands charge. Strike the balance between style and affordability while making sure you choose the best functional material for your next pair of sunglasses.

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