All About Computer Reading Glasses

DIGITAL EYE STRAIN / COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME+ Reading Glasses That pain-filled, tired, feeling in your eyes following a couple of long periods of taking a gander at a PC screen might be Digital Eye Strain (DES for short, additionally generally known as Computer Vision Syndrome). That eye strain, visual issues, thwarted visual capacities, and eye […]

Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS): Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

what is computer vision syndrome

We are in the age of vast technological advancements and one of the key features of today’s modern world is the big display screen of computers. From our phones to TV screens, and other digital screen devices, we spend most of our day staring at these brilliant pieces of art that we tend not to […]

What You Need to Know About Blue Light

what is blue light

On a day to day basis, we are exposed to a wide range of light rays. We wake up to put on the lights, we spend time glued to the tv or our PCs, let’s not even get into how much we use our smartphones. We hardly stop to question the effect of all these […]

What are computer glasses?

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Computer screens have become a part of our daily work and we spend hours before it, doing work, viewing pictures, browsing the internet and much more. Continuously staring at the backlit screens like LED and LCD’s daily have made our eyes strained and overworked. It might seem easy to look at screens with a backlit […]

How to Choose Best Pair of Glasses/Sunglasses to Suit My Face Shape?

How to pick the right glasses frame for your face?   I think the best way to find out the answer is to try different types of glasses/sunglasses and then you will know which style you love and fit you well. Anyway, here are some popular choices for different shapes of face: 1. Oval face: […]

What is the advantage of polarized sunglasses?

  A polarized lens offers the following advantages over non-polarized lenses: Increases visual comfort. Since your eyes aren’t constantly challenged by glare, it is easier to view objects in bright conditions. Enhances clarity of vision and contrast for ground level objects and for seeing into water. How Polarized Lenses Work? Polarized lenses block light rays […]

Can reading glasses help computer eye strain?

Don’t confuse reading glasses with computer glasses. If you’re using reading glasses to try to view your computer screen, it’s probably not working very well. For one thing, reading printed matter is done at a closer range than reading text on a computer screen. Also, if your reading glasses are the type that force you […]

What is high index lenses?

    Regular glass or plastic lenses for high amounts of nearsightedness or farsightedness can be quite thick and heavy. Fortunately, chemists have created a variety of new “high-index” plastic lens materials that bend light more efficiently. This means less material can be used in high-index lenses to correct the same amount of refractive error, […]