Simvey is a lifestyle brand that was created for those who value great-looking, quality glasses but do not want to break their wallets.

Upon discovering how much I was paying yearly to purchase and replace frames, I knew that there had to be a better, more inexpensive option. After hearing my friends and family share similar frustrations, I decided to create a solution. In 2014, I started selling glasses, and Simvey was born.

My vision is simply to provide high-quality, fashionable, functional glasses at a price that all of us can afford.

Wearing the right pair of glasses can dramatically change your appearance, make you look more attractive, stylish, confident, and highlight your features while making you feel great.

Studies have proven that wearing spectacles changes the way people perceive you .The age-old stereotype that glasses make you look smarter is now backed by scientific research. . I call this the “Specs Effect”. There is now evidence that suggests wearing glasses to a job interview increases your chance of success.

We hope that all of our customers can look and feel great in a pair of Simveys!