How to Choose Best Pair of Glasses/Sunglasses to Suit My Face Shape?

How to pick the right glasses frame for your face?

  I think the best way to find out the answer is to try different types of glasses/sunglasses and then you will know which style you love and fit you well. Anyway, here are some popular choices for different shapes of face:

1. Oval face:

Among all facial shapes, oval is an easy-going one because it has well balanced proportions. Customers with such a face will go well with most eyewear frames. The only task is to keep its natural balance. Good frames for this group of people include frames that have an equal width of the broadest part of the face. In contrast, eyewear frames that are too deep or narrow should be avoided.

2. long face:

An long face has more length than its width. In most cases, people with such a face have angular features with high cheekbones, a longer nose and tall forehead. According to the stated guideline, the task is to offset these obvious features while selecting a frame shape. long-faced people are encouraged to try tall frames that help create a shorter face, or broad frames with an accented top rim. The other task is to avoid all frames that may accentuate face length.

3. Square face:

People with a square face have the same proportions of face width and length, and usually a strong jaw line and a broad forehead. These are sharp features similar to that of an oblong face. This is not a good balance so that the first tip is to achieve more width than depth. Narrow oval frames are a good option. Another important task is to compromise those sharp facial angles. In this sense, eyewear frames that are capable of softening the angles are suitable.

4. Round face:

This face is similar to square face in terms of width and length distribution. A noticeable difference lies in that a round face has no angles but curved lines. The first possible way is to make this face look thinner and longer. This breaks the natural balance between width and length. The second possible way is to create some beauty-enhancing angles. Angular narrow frames and geometric frames are good options.

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5. Diamond face:

People with a diamond face have broad cheekbones, involving naturally narrow eye line as well as jaw line. This facial shape is dissimilar to any one of the other shapes. For people with such a face shape, the only thing is to soften the noticeable cheekbones by highlighting the eye line. Cat-eye glasses and rimless glasses are good options.

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6. Heart face:

Features of a heart face include broad forehead, wide cheekbones but narrow, small chin. Similar to people with a base-up triangle face, heart-faced people need to choose frames that add width to the lower facial section. Narrow, round frames can soften the forehead.

How to Choose Best Pair of Glasses/Sunglasses to Suit My Face Shape?

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